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Supply Chain

Supply change management is a highly-detailed system used by small and large organizations alike to get products to consumers, from obtaining raw materials, manufacturing and delivering the final product to the customer. A well-organized supply chain management system involves optimizing operations functionality to be fast and efficient.

What is Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management in not only a process served to generate a cost reduction in the budget or a mission to create greater operational efficiencies within an organization. While these are a part of the whole ecosystem, modern supply change management encompasses the strategic alignment of end-to-end business processes to realize market and economic value, as well as giving a firm the competitive advantage over their business rivals.

In recent times, the dawn of the digital age has brought wholesale transformation to the world of commerce. Only twenty years ago, these processes were arduous, labor intensive, time consuming and disorganized. It now may seem like ancient history, delivery times have gone from two weeks to a month down to a turnaround of hours in some cases. Automated systems and high-speed communication have paved the way for supply chain management and its increased demand.

Why is Supply Chain Management So Important now a days?

Today, more than ever before, supply chain management has become an integral part of business and is essential to any company’s success and customer satisfaction. Supply chain management has the power to boost customer service, reduce operating costs and improve the financial standing of a company, but how does this work?


What Can You Do with a Supply Chain Management Post Graduate Diploma?

The P.G Diploma in Supply Chain Management is designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of company supply chain management from a global perspective, with an emphasis on leveraging the effects of the operations and supply chain management on business performance and objectives.  Graduates will be able to help companies build a competitive edge based on high levels of technical and managerial competence gained on the job and in the classroom.

Students who chose to earn a P.G Diploma in Supply Chain Management degree are often pursuing management or consulting positions in leading e-Commerce companies and around the world in supply chain management, operations management, manufacturing, purchasing, or e-commerce and digital SCM companies.

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